My Happy Place:  My Home Office

I currently have the second largest bedroom in my house setup as my office.  It is setup in sections because it serves multiple purposes:

  • Work:  I work from home 95% of the time, so I have an area dedicated to my professional needs (laptop, dual monitors, drawers, chalk board (I recently switched from dry erase to a chalk board because they look way cool), and drawers for all office-related supplies.

  • Personal Beautification:  I am not a fan of storing everything in the master bathroom because it clutters up the space and takes away from what really needs to be stored in there, so I have a section of my office carved out for my beauty supplies & jewelry.

  • Crafting:  this is, to no surprise, the largest are of the room.  Wall-to-wall bookshelves, long hanging shelves on the walls spanning just about the entire length of the room, the crafting desk with computer, a mid-sized round table for spreading out my materials while working on a project, and the closet (folding doors removed) lined and stacked with storage drawers, hanging racks, storage bins, and more.


My Organization & Storage Philosophy

Are you familiar with Tim Holtz and his crafting office space?  He is an antique collector and has the most amazing eclectic décor.  My décor is very different, but our philosophies are the same.  The rule: out of sight, out of mind.  Because I have a vast array of supplies that I collect and hoard, it is impossible to remember everything in my collection.  So, as much as I love the look of those perfectly decorated (perhaps staged) craft rooms and office spaces, mine looks nothing like that.  It is the exact opposite.  Don’t misunderstand me, it is all very well organized (and I have a method to my madness on that topic as well), but it is primarily stored in bins, drawers and containers that are clear or open (like metal and wood baskets, for example).  My label maker is one of my best friends.  Just about everything is labeled with the contents of each container.


What is the method to my organization madness?  ROYGBIV and alphabetical.  Plain cardstock, for example, are in drawers based on the sequence of hues that makeup the color of the rainbow.  Designer paper, however, are generally categorized by theme (occasions, sports, babies/kids, etc.) or type (papers that feature geometrics are stored together, regardless of color).  The exceptions to the rule are major holidays and seasons.  Everything related to winter/Christmas is stored in one large container—that includes paper, embellishments, stamps, dies, etc..  Likewise, Fall/Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day/Love, St. Patrick’s Day, and patriotic holidays also each have their own bins.

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