Krista Cleary-Yagci
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
Hometown:  Browns Mills, NJ
Where I Call Home Right Now:  Palmer, PA (Easton, PA)

Semi-Interesting Facts About Me
  • I'm married and have 2 Yorkshire Terriers and, well, too many cats (4!)

  • I started my career during my senior year of college, as an IT professional for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company—I spent 16 years with that awesome company, but decided I wanted to step out of my “comfort zone” – I took the leap and moved to another Fortune 100 company, in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry.  What do I do?  I’m an IT Project Manager and don’t worry if you have no idea what that means – no one does!

  • Along the lines with my profession, I am really tech savvy and enjoy using every new gadget and technological system I can get my hands on.

  • I have loved taking photographs since childhood--and I mean, when I was about 5 years old!  As a true romantic, I started a wedding photography business in 2009.  The business did very well, especially when I lived in NJ close to the shore, but sadly the business slowed when I moved to PA in 2013.  When I lived in NJ,  I was very close to the most desired wedding venues and just a short trip to NYC, so partnering with engaged couples was never an issue.  Bust, since the move to PA -- a location where there are far less wedding venues, I had fewer clients so I “retired” from the business at the end of 2019.  That said, I do still photograph events and family sessions for my friends and family.


My Introduction to the Creative World

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed craft-a-holic.  My passion for creativity started around the age of 5, when I took a camera out of my mom’s hands and told her I could take better photos.  That wasn’t a very nice thing to say (yes, I was a brat), but it was true.  That started my journey into creative-hood.  I photographed everyone and everything from that young age and continue to do so.  (More on my passion for photography later).

Enter Scrapbooking

With suitcases, boxes, and every container I could find chock full of pictures, I needed a way to show off all those photos.  I started with traditional albums, but I was not satisfied.  Pictures speak for themselves, it is true, yet I knew more of the story needed to be told.  I walked into a local craft store and not only did my passion for paper crafting begin, but also my obsession with collecting every cardstock color, designer paper packs, ribbon, stickers, embellishments, rubber stamps, etc.  Oh, and I curse the inventor of washi tape!  <hangs head in shame>


Let’s just say this:  you’ll never see a video tour of my craft room because, while organized, every inch of the room is completely used to store the countless crafting supplies I’ve accumulated over the many, many years.  Oh, in December 2020, I moved my craft office to a bigger bedroom in my house, and I still can’t organize the room to look picture-perfect.  My next move will be to hire an interior decorator to finish my entire basement just for my craft supplies!


Snail Mail

I was probably the only teenager (1990s) and college student (1997+) anyone knew who had a stash of blank cards, birthday cards, holiday greeting cards, etc., and took the time (and postage money) to mail them to everyone possible. 


The Move into Card Making

I was visiting my family in Florida in, oh I’d say 2015, and my sister invited me to a card making class – a make & take.  The class was indeed a class led by a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator.  She had all the supplies on hand, dies cut, and materials cut to size; it was up to me to design the layout and put it all together.  It was then that my passion for creating my own cards developed.  Over the years since, I’ve expanded my paper crafting materials hoarding addiction to include products from various suppliers / creators, but I always knew that Stampin’ Up! products were the absolute best – most creative, beautifully design, and high quality.  I continued to use the company’s products, followed every creator and demonstrator I could find on every social media platform, and attend classes when possible (except, I never timed my visits to FL right to attend the class that started me on this road).


I can’t count the number of demonstrators I followed over the years, but fate intervened in 2019 when I found Amy Koenders.  I knew right away:  Amy is my team leader!  So, I started preparing myself to become an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator within Amy’s team.  In May 2020, I took the leap and joined the team and it has been so much fun already (as of this writing, I’ve only been on the team for 20 days!).


Looking Towards the Future

Because I have an extensive collection of paper crafting supplies from so many creators, brands, and shops, you will see my creations integrate those products until my collection of Stampin’ Up! products is sufficient to cover my needs for my creations.  I will, however, continue to use mixed media on other projects – specifically, I’m thinking of stencils, distressed oxide inks, washi tape (oh, the washi tape!), etc.  I am not affiliated with any other company so I will not disclose the product information in my blog posts, other than to merely mention the item type and some blurb such as: “Non Stampin’ Up! Products Used Include {washi tape, cardstock, stickers, ribbon…”  You get the idea!  And here is how I will primarily use those products, in my other crafting addictions…


Other Paper Crafting Addictions
  • Planners, Journals, Junk Journals, Memory Keeper Albums & More

    • Decorated with mixed media mediums, stickers, stamps, die cuts, embellishments, tags, trinkets, and more

  • Cricut Projects

    • Personalized signs, custom greetings and invitations, cards, scrapbook embellishments, and so much more)

    • I create for myself, family and friends – I don’t sell my creations (not yet, at least)

  • Gift Wrapping

    • Another item to add to the list of things I hoard

    • I’m known for elaborately wrapping gifts and often hear complaints that it takes too long to get to the gift


Wrapping Up this Book

You made it to the end of what is most likely the longest “about me” section on any website, ever created!  You couldn't possibly want to know more about me, right?  Well, if you do, reach out & let's connect!  I am so excited to meet new people who share my passion for papercrafting.

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