CASE:  My Philosophy

CASE:  Copy and Selectively Edit

CASE:  Copy and Slightly Edit

CASE:  Copy and Share Everything


What's Mine Is Yours


Whatever definition of CASE comes to mind for you, know this:  I do not expect to be credited if you duplicate one-for-one or slightly modify the design... the project is now yours!  Create it.  Own it.  Share it.  It is now yours, no credit or mention of me necessary!

The projects I create and post are not just for inspiration (as many other crafters imply with their projects), they are also for you to create an identical project, if you chooose to do so, without giving me credit for the original design!  What?  Seriously?  Yes, that is right.  People have been crafting for so long that, unless you are a true artist with the most fantastic imagination, chances are, not a single papercrafter has created a project that is truly original and exclusive to them.  If you find a card that I created and you like it, create it and own it.  It is yours.  It is ours.  We are a community of crafters and there is no way we will ever learn from each other if we are limited to only the concepts we individually derive.  For that reason, 99% of my blog posts have step-by-step instructions so you can create the project exactly as I did.  By all means, change things up as you go along, but if you create it and it is identical to mine, I'm honored, but again, do not ever feel like you have to give me credit for the design of the project.

Happy Crafting!